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About the NAAA

There is a Nationwide Network of Certified Appraisers that can provide for your needs if I am unable because of distance to travel to the location of your aircraft.
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The National Aircraft Appraisers Association
The National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) is a trade association for Professional Aircraft Appraisers. For over twenty years the NAAA has been the leader in establishing the standards and ethics for Aircraft Appraisers in the USA. It has the most advanced, complete and up to date data base in the Industry, and you will get the benefit of this real time market data in your Appraisal report. The Assn. is the only certification authority that is accepted by the National Deposit Insurance Corp. (NDIC) and its member banks Appraisals that are preformed by NAAA members are recognized county wide by most legal authority as the best Aircraft Appraisals.
The extensive database used,together with standardized methods of evaluation allow members like Apex Aviation Services to provide you or your company with the most advanced and up to date Appraisal on an aircraft. This database gives us the ability to represent the current market value, and not the historical value that some other services use. All Appraisers that are members of the NAAA are qualified as to their experience level and suitability to Appraise aircraft.
NAAA Senior aircraft Appraisers must maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. The Association maintains a training schedule to ensure that members are in touch with the latest Industry developments and changes. All this translates to you the customer getting the best Appraisal services that are available today.
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The NAAA website has a great deal of information to help with your aircraft Appraisal.
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