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           Appraisal Basics

A Quality Aircraft Appraisal can be a very valuable tool, and this is what it can do for you, or your company :
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The Appraisal can assist both the buyer and the seller expedite the sale because both now know the fair market value of the aircraft that has been established through and independent appraisal
The Appraisal will help prevent the buyer from paying too much for the aircraft and provides the basis for making a judgement in the commitment of funds for the acquisition of an aircraft
The Appraisal will give the seller confidence knowing that the condition and real time market value of the aircraft in question, which in turn may promote the timely sale of the aircraft. It separates the sellers aircraft from others that are listed for sale, which should reduce the selling time by up to 50% in most cases 


 The Appraisal will document the value and condition of the aircraft for the lending Institution, this will support the collateral position of the aircraft loan and possibly prevent costly mistakes
To obtain a professional opinion as to the present fair market value of an aircraft
Can be used to establish a loss value, resulting from damage or accidents, including fire, hail, windstorms and other disasters.
May be utilized in establishing a real value in most types of legal claims and situations
An expert opinion of the value of an aircraft is useful as a possible safeguard against excessive tax assessments, capital gains and other tax
Assists in obtaining finance and insurance for your aircraft

                 DAMAGE HISTORY

 In all cases of damage history an Appraisal will assist to establish a value that reflects the condition of the aircraft today. The factors considered when looking at the damage are that the repair has been done legally and to factory specifications and has the correct parts used in the repair.
If aircraft for sale are compared and one or more have damage history the buyer must be armed with the real value of the aircraft that is damaged. The same applies to a seller, that will be better informed with an Appraisal that establishes a realistic sales price for the current market, to reduce the problems selling an aircraft with such damage