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Tips & News
Tip - Expect the best
Some buyers will accept an Appraisal by a dealer or broker, This could lead to a misrepresentation of the true value of the aircraft because an "Independent - Certified-Appraiser" was not used.

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Spring / Summer Discounts

As the weather gets warmer we are pleased to offer a 5% discount on all aircraft appraisals for all new customers through the end of May this year.
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Tip for First Time Buyers !
If you are a first time aircraft buyer and / or have limited knowledge of the buying process, we can offer you assistance to help ensure that all the required steps are taken in this all important first purchase.

Tip - Use the Appraisal Services
When you commission us to provide you with any of our Services, its a good idea to make sure to best utilize our expertise and experience, ask questions, there is no charge for additional information over the phone or by e mail - call now.
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