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Appraisal FAQ
Does everyone look at the aircraft when conducting an Appraisal ?

No, It is impossible to establish the true condition of an aircraft without looking at it, let alone not knowing the condition of the airframe and the level of equipment and avionics package that are installed

Frequently asked questions about Appraisals

What is the difference between the data used in an Appraisal by Apex Aviation Services and the numbers obtained from the "Blue Book" ?

By now the advantages of an Appraisal by a Independent Aircraft Appraiser should start to become clearer, but a word about the Blue Book. The Information in this publication is usually updated less frequently than the market data that we use, also inputs from multiple sources within the industry are used to build your Appraisal

Is all the information possible collected with Appraisals from other sources ?

Not always, without looking at the aircraft and its records it is hard to know the true extent of damage history. Inspection and AD status. Also any modifications and overhaul information
How long does it take to do an Appraisal, and a report ?

The amount of time varies with the type of aircraft, a small non complex general aviation aircraft about three hours for the Inspection of the aircraft, which is split between a comprehensive review of the records and logbooks and the all important visual Inspection. Then a report will be prepared
What are the charges to travel to Appraise the aircraft in question ?

If we travel by road, which is the case in most of the time, we do charge a small fee per mile to help cover our vehicle expenses. On longer distances we only invoice you the actual cost of transportation and any other incurred charges. An overnight stay may be required when Appraising complex or appraisals on multiple aircraft
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